Device Alert distance

· In different environments, Bluetooth work range is different, if the outdoor open environment, Bluetooth work range is about 30-50 meters, if it is indoor environment, due to the wall and other factors of blocking, will make Bluetooth work range reduced to 10-20 meters.

· Bluetooth is a wireless signal, all wireless signals are shielded by the signal of metal, for example, if you put Nut device in the drawer of metal products, it will greatly reduce the signal strength of Nut device and cause unstable connection.

· Because of the Bluetooth signal band of easily absorbed by water, so the human body on the Nut device signal is more obvious. For example, Nut device within 50cm on one side of the body, the signal strength of the Nut device in the opposite area of the body will have more than 50% of the signal strength attenuation.