Nut Lost&Found Community

Nut can easily help others. You don't even have to work hard to help others!

When you run the Nut App on your phone, your Nut App is not only scan your Nut device, but everyone else's as well. When you pass within range of another Nut, your app will automatically (and anonymously) update the location in that Nut's owner's account. Don't worry - we don't sell and share your data, and we never will.

The Nut Lost&Found community is always working; if you want to be notified when Nut's location is anonymously updated, just click on "Declare Lost" in the app.

Using the Nut Lost&Found Community is safe and completely anonymous.

You won't be able to see anyone else's Nut device, and they won't be able to see your Nut device!

Location updates are automatic and anonymous, so they are completely secure.

You may also receive an anonymous thank you message from Nut's owner for helping them find their lost Nut.

Anyone can help - even if they don't have a Nut device.

You don't need a Nut device to be a part of the Nut Lost&Found community. So, ask your friends and family to download and run our Nut App. It's free, and for every additional person, you get over 2,000 square meters of finding power!