How Nut works

What is Nut?

Do you often lose things? Do you often look for phones? Using Nut to find everything that is important to you, it can also avoid you from losing and forgetting, and help you easily solve the worry of losing things, so that you can focus on important matters as much as possible. Our Bluetooth devices and convenient applications make it easy for you to find your items. When you forget or left behind items, you will be reminded. Our Nut tracker device can be belonged on your keys, wallet, phone, passport, laptop, pet and other items. Easy to find and avoid loss!

How Nut work?

First, download and install the Nut App, open the it and add the nut device, and pair the nut device. During the pairing process, the Nut App will "discover" the turned on nut and establish a Bluetooth connection. You can find items within Bluetooth range. When your nut device is far away from the phone, the nut device is disconnected from the phone. At this time, the phone and the nut device can remind you not to left behind any items or phone. At the same time, the Nut App will record the location information to help you locate the left location. If nut and items have been lost, the Lost&Found network composed of all nut users can help find them.

How can find my nut?

Nut has three main feature. You can:

1. When it is within the Bluetooth range, Find the nut device through the Nut App to make it send out an alarm sound;

2. Use the map on the Nut App to view the last known location;

3. Enable "Declare Lost" to seek the help of the Nut Lost&Found community to find your Nut.

But nut has more than that! You can also:

1. Double click the nut device button and use "Find Your Phone" to find your phone or tablet;

2. Share your Nut with trusted friends or family.