How to add Nut

How do add Nut to your account?

Welcome to Nut community! Before adding Nut, make sure you have the latest version of Nut App on your phone or tablet.

1. Open Nut App on phone or tablet;

2. Click "+" in the upper right corner of the screen;

3. On the "Add Device" page, select the Nut product, read the pairing guide and then click next;

4. Press and hold the button on the Nut device (at least 3-5s) to hear the boot tone;

5. Put the Nut close to your phone. At this time, a list of devices to be paired will appear on the pairing page. Select your Nut to connect, and it will take about ten seconds;

6. After the connection is completed, you will be prompted to edit the Nut device information, and then click the finish button in the upper right corner;

That's all! Now your Nut is paired to your phone!

You can test a new Nut by pressing "Call" in the Nut App. Then, your Nut will ring to show successful connection!